The final pages of the wave

At the start of chapter 13 Laurie went to the football game. Well she was walking you the stands Brad stopped her and told her to give the wave salute. Laurie and him got into a arguemeant. Final Brad let her by when no one was watching. It jumps to when the grapevine is have their meeting ang talking about how they were going publishs the next newspaper about the wave.  They talked about all the stuff they were going to put in the wave. Chapter 14 started out with Lurie talking to Amy about the paper before it was published. Amy wouldn’t listen to her and got mad. After they published the wave everyone was reading it. Almost all the wave members were.  At the end of chapter 14 they were talking about how Mr.Ross was stopping the wave before the end of class the next morning. In chapter 15 Laurie was getting out of the school later. It was already  dark out side as she walked to her locker to put her stuff away. She saw red letters on her locker reading ENEMY.  Started to walk home but then David started talking to her about the wave. They got into a argurement and David thourgh Laurie on the ground and then appogisused and felt very sorry for what he had done just because of the wave.  Then they walked to Mr.Ross house and were talking about the wave with him. Mr.Ross said he would. The next day Mr. Ross announced that the wave members would meet the leader.  Later that day they snuck into the meeting to see the wave leader and at the beginning there were just blue t.v screens. Someone jumped up and said to here is no wave leader is there. Mr. Ross  said YES!!! there is and that was the cue for everything to get set up. A big screen came down and the projector started showing pictures of Hitler and the holocaust.

I thought that this chapter were pretty crazy. I couldn’t believe David thourgh down Laurie that was a very shocking party of the book. I like how that book ended with Mr.Ross talking to Robert tell him we have some stuff to talk about. I felt myself wondering about what they are go to talk about. If think it was also a dramatic way to end the book because this was how the wave was started by watch the tape about the Nazi’s and the holocaust. I like when the books like repeated there self again like with the Hitler tape. And in the other novel the outsiders. I thought it was more interesting with the outsider’s because it ended with the exacted same words it started with.  I really wonder if this could every happen again. Like they always say history repeats itself. I find that a weird quote. My final thoughts on the book is that is very interesting and I would read it again. You will find it really inserting if you inserted in WW2.


What Is The Wave

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Week three of the wave I still have the same prospective of the wave. So far I’m really liking this book. The intensity of the book has really picked up and I think the wave is on the verge of tipping.

Chapter 9 starts off talking about how Mr. Ross actually didn’t think the wave was going to go this far. The wave was growing. Every day it would get bigger. So students would skip class to come and listen to Mr. Ross. They all insisted that they did their salute and their motto even with such a big class size. Mr. Ross noticed that the class was more prepared for class. He also noticed that his students were getting their work done faster and better. Their was  more people participating and all their marks were going up. Then  it talked about how Brain, Eric and David had got the football team involved in the wave. The book  jumped to when Laurie Saunders was in the publications office at a meeting. They were thinking of ideas of stories that they could right about the big story everyone wanted to write about was the wave because everything else was boring and there was nothing bad about it to say. They all want Laurie to write it but then she said she won’t until she finds out more about the wave. So she told the people in the school newspaper to ask as many kids as they can and see what they think about the wave.  School got out and Laurie went home. She went up to her room. Mrs.Saunders came in and they started to talk about Robert and how the wave changed him.  After we were done talking about Robert they started talking about the wave rally. Mrs. Saunders wasn’t to keen on this idea. Chapter ten starts off with Mr.Ross getting called down into the office. Mr.Owens and Mr.Ross talked about how Mr.Owens didn’t want the wave to go to far. Mr.Owens was scared that the wave was going to turn into the Nazis again. In chapter 11 Laurie got a aynomuse letter from one of the junior in her school. After Laurie was done reading the letter the book jump into the hallway wear Brain and Eric were give panflips out about the wave and yelling the motto. When Mr.Ross was walking down the hallway Robert asked him if He could be his bodyguard and he said YES! In chapter 12 Laurie and David got in a fight. David walked out and when to the wave rally. Later that day they broke up. Laurie and her parents talked about David and the wave. The ended with Mr.Saunders talking to Laurie about the wave.

In this chapter of the wave I really dont think that the characters changed a lot but the wave did. The is now not a game anymore. It is a serious matter.  I think that in the next chapters Mr.Owens will get more involved. I think that the wave is going to grow out of the school before it is stopped. After it is stop I think that people will form their own little thing. The one thing that I found weird in this chapter was that Robert asked Mr.Ross if he could be his bodyguard and Mr.Ross said YES!. I think that is what really made me think that the wave is now not a game anymore. I really don’t know why Robert would even ask him that maybe because he wanted to move up in Mr.Ross’s rankings. Another thing that stuck me as weird was when all the members of the wave started handing out panflips and making poster even when Mr.Ross said nothing. I wondering why Todd Strasser made the wave has a rally in the gym. I think this was the turning point for me or when Robert asked to be the bodyguard.  I really don’t know. This are my thoughts on chapters 9 to 12

Week 2 of the Experiment

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Week two of the Wave. So far I really like this book. I think that I like this book because It was a slow begining that was build up to the experiment. Now in chapter 5-8 we learned about the experiment and what it is.
In chapter 5-8 lot of stuff had happened with the wave.  In the start of chapter 5. The students just came slowly into the class like every other day. This day was different, there was something written on the board. STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE. Most of the students thought this was very odd. After everyone was seated Mr.Ross gave a lecture about Discipline.  After the lecture about when you are Disciplined you are successful. He showed  the class what he meant. He got Amy to come sit on a chair and had her make her self have good posture. Then he asked the whole class to do it. Mr. Ross walked up and down the aisles checking everyone posture and correcting their posture if they were wrong. After this he made the whole class walk around the room and when he said something they had to sit down. They did this a couple of times. The first time everyone was bumpping into each other. By the last time Mr. Ross was satisfied. After this he got them to go outside in the hallway and do the samething. After they had it to a science. They stopped. Once they were all seated, Mr.Ross begain asking them questions. They had to answer him by saying “Mr.Ross” and stand up by their desk. Mr.Ross asked them questions untill the end of class. Mr.Ross then dismissed them and they went from lunch.  Before lunch David when to the bathroom and then found Robert practicing how to reply to Mr.Ross. Robert did it several times in the mirror. At lunch everyone was talking about the wave and how weird it feels, like a rush of adrenaline. In the next page it jumped to when Mr.Ross was home in bed talking about the wave with Christy and at the end of the chapter they when to bed.  The next day was a little weird for Mr.Ross because he forgot something had to have for class so he ran outside before the period started to get it and when he got back everyone was there sitting straight up with good posture in their desks. Mr.Ross was astonished so he asked Robert what was going on so Robert jumped out of he’s desk and said “Mr.Ross Displine”. So Mr.Ross added something else to the blackboard. “STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE” but he added “COMMUNITY” behind it. Then he talked to the class about community. After he’s lecture was done he got the students to repeat the slogan “Strength Through Discipline, Strength Through Community”. After that Mr.Ross drew their symbol on the board. Which was a circle with an outline of a wave in it and after he had it drawn he told his class what the wave symbolised. There was one last thing they talked about was their salute. For there salute they had to cup the right hand so it looked like a wave and tap the left shoulder holding it upright. After they were done their salute, Mr.Ross got them to do their salute and slogan. The class practiced this till class was dismissed. After school there was football pratice. David was talking about the wave and how they act like a unit. The book jumps to Laurie house and how her and her parents were talking about the wave. Then it was the next day it was talking about how Laurie and David met. Then on the way to school they talked about how David need help in math. In  history class Mr. Ross gave them all the wave membership. If you had a red X on the back of the membership you had to make sure everyone followed the rules. The only ones that had them was Brain and Robert. At the end of class Mr.Ross said they could now expland the wave. Then the last chapter ended with them at lunch.

I was wrong about this book. I thought this book was going to get like this in like chapter 10 but I actually started to get really good in chapter 5. I think some of the characters have changed. The one that changed the most was Robert. I really think that the wave have a Robert a new life. I think that now he has a reposibtly that will change him. I think that Robert will be like Mr.Ross little snich. Like if anyone disrepects the wave he will tell Mr.Ross. I think the wave is good because everyone in the wave is equal and no one is a loser. The wave gets everyone involed and busy so that know one can bully Robert. I also think that the wave is just a game right now like follow the leader but in chapter 9 to 12 the wave will get a lot more serious.
 My perdiction is that the wave is going to grow in chapter 9, 10 and 11. In chapter 12 I think that Laurie and David are really going to see what the wave is turning into. I think that they will try to stop them their selfs but in chapter 13 they will have to get someone else involed and after everything is settled there is going to be something bad happen in their school like they will get anew teacher and everything will go back to normal. This are my thoughts on chapter 5 to 8.

How Far Will It Go The Wave

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This post will be about the wave. The class room experiment that went to far. The wave is a novel that we are doing in class. We started it the friday before spring break. The wave is actually based on a real story that happened in 1969. So far I think it is very interesting. There hasn’t been much action in the book yet. We have just met some characters named Laurie Saunders, her boyfriend David Collins and her very good friend Amy Smith. We also meet Mr.Ross their history teacher.

So far in the book there hasn’t been very much action nothing really exciting has happen. Just a regular day at school. Frist period Laurie went to the school paper room and wrote a article about the latest news. In the second period they had  history class and they watch a video on the Nazi’s the subject they are studying. It actually bothered a lot of people in the class. Laurie was one  of  the worst by far. She was just terrified how bad the Nazis treated the Jews.  After the class was done she went and ate lunch but didn’t have much to eat because she was still disgusted about the Nazis. After they were done lunch Amy and Laurie went to the school paper room.  Then they got a prank pulled on them were these to guys acted like they were principal and they got all scared because Amy was smoking out the window. Then in the last chapter it just talks about Mr.Ross when he was at home and trying to find out the some answers that he couldn’t answer in the class that day about the Nazi’s.  Mr.Ross then got this idea that he would make an experiment. The question is that what will the experiment be. 

Chapters 1 to 4 were very slow but interesting. Usually I like a fast start to a book but in this case, I like the start of this book. The one reason I think I like this book was because it is about the Nazis and I am really interested in world war two. Or because it is an imitation about the Nazis but just not with all the deaths. For some reason when we have novel studies and I pick my own book. I really don’t like it but when we get a novel a sighed to me I really enjoy it. Expected for the homework part of it. Something else that strikes me is that you never know what is going to happen in this book. Like one chapter will be about Laurie and the other chapter about Mr.Ross. That the kind of book I like and that is what is happening in this book.

The one character I’m not sure about is Mr.Ross because he almost seems like a two side guy. Like one of his sides are nice and funny like when he is at school and he other side is when he really digs into something. Like he seems like he is creep and almost physco or something. It is like he will never give up until he gets accomplished. Lots of people are like that but not to that extent. This are my opinions about chapters 1 to 4.


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We were asked by are teacher to do a blog post  on conflict in the book we are reading for a class from ontario. We are 2700 km apart. We are using skye to read. One time are teacher reads than the other time the other teacher reads. Than both classes talk in a back channel.

The conflict that  I’m going to write about is when Liesel and  Rudy gave some Jews some bread. Then the Nazi that saw the Jews eating bread so they went looking for them. They wouldn’t have saw them if Liesel would have came out looking for max (Jew). Then the Nazi’s ran after Rudy and Liesel. One of them caught Liesel and kicked her square in the butt. After they both ran for at least a mile each they when back and got there bikes and the left overs that the Jews had not ate and shared it amongst themselves.

The conflict that happened in this part of the book was man vs man, man vs self and man vs soceity.It is all this things because when the Nazi were chasing Liesel and Rudy that was man vs man. When Liesel went out of the trees and got spoted by the Nazi’s that was man vs self. It was man vs soceity in this part of the book because the jews are getting taken away by the Nazi’s.  I think in the next couple of reading we are going to find max walking in the herd of Jews

Why Sony

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Another week another blog post . This week I have chose to do my blog post on some hacker that hacked ps3. This hacker goes by the name of  George Hotz. Now he are getting sued. For one I am very happy because I own a ps3 and the thing I hate most online is when hackers kill you and then sad they didn`t hack most do this because they have no skill. But anyway I really fell bad for sony because they are going to loosing millions of dollar. There is no way to fix the hack now.  The only way sony can fix this problem is to get a different encrypting keys and just shut down all the server so that no one will be able to play. Then make a new console.  This would make many customers mad. They spent 400 dollar on a ps3 and now have to buy a different console and different games. If this happened I think that probably only one third of the players would still use the new console. If they got new encrypting keys it would cost the player how ever much they are worth and installation. If sony has to down the video gaming industries they would lose a lot because they make all the video games, console, controllers and all the factories cost million of dollars build. George Hotz was the first person to jailbreak a iphone.

Scary Stuff!

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We have another blog post do this Friday. I found a intersting report on a boxer’s dieing. First I thought it was a dog that die. Then I started reading and it was a man named Raju Budhamagar. He was twenty five years old. He was knocked unconcis and did not wake up. So then they took him to a local hospital 15 mins away. They send him to a Bharatpur. Which was more then a hour away. After they examined him. They sent him to Neuro hospital in Kathmandu that was another 5 hours away. Where he past away at the hospital. From his head injure. There has been only 200 injures where people have died in sport in 3 decades. I think that there should be a hospital where there is a big sport thing going on or there should be a doctor that specialist sports injuries. Or they should have a helicopter by the arena so the if there is a injure. I think that this would save a lot of lives. Sports are get a lot more physical than they us to be. That is why I think in the last 30 years there has been so many deaths.

Raju Budhamager  brother told some news reports. That he’s was disappointed in himself because Raju told him that he was felling sick and he told him you probably should fight but he did any ways and go killed. He said he was disappointed in the NSC. The league that his brother fought in because if a docter would have saw him before he probably wouldn’t be able to fight.